Blend a couple of women who love green, an outstanding chef who loves to buy local food products, a greenhouse, and some arable dirt, and you get Holler Herbs. We grow basil. Lots of it.

Through snow and freeze, rain and sun, in winter 2011, we experimented with generic sweet  basil and Genovese basil cultivars.  When we proudly presented our first tender plants to the restaurant, the kitchen manager said, “The leaves are too small.” That sent us back to the growing table.

A month later, the sweet and Genovese basil leaves were anything but small, and the kitchen manager was happy, but we weren’t. Unbeknownst to him, we had hundreds of tiny sprouts growing of a basil variety name Lettuce Leaf. We think that will do the trick indefinitely.

Of course we use no chemical pesticides and only organic fertilizer.

In 2011, only basil is available for sale. You can buy it cut, in 2″ pots, or in 4″ pots. The potted herbs are our idea to keep culinary basil fresh, because a weekly supply of plants require only water and the kind of light you need to see what you’re cooking.

The herb crop for 2011 may include  basil, oregano, thyme, jewelweed, and some more exotic herbs. We also hope to add a line of micro-greens and one of mini-greens. Check this website for updates.

Cut Basil

Small bunch, $1

Large bunch, $2.50

By the pound, $12

Basil in pots

(Reserve 5 weeks in advance or take the size pot on hand when you visit.)

2″ pot, 3/$1

4″ pot, 2/$1