Moonshine Plot 2011

Near the pump we’re trying corn again, both sweet corn and popcorn. Will it consent to grow this year? Elsewhere are the beans and peas, basil (of course), and sunchokes.

We planted most of the corn in a variation of the age-old way of the Three Sisters. Into a single mounded hole go a fish, four corn kernels, and a couple of squash seeds. The fish fertilizes everything as it rots. The vining beans grow up the cornstalks, seeking sun. The squash benefit from corn-shade and snake outward, helping control weeds.

Our variation: we interseeded each corn row with bush beans. The beans did well. The corn did not. We tried a second planting of corn. Same result. Next year, we will try this somewhere else — but where? Last year we used prime Sunshine Plot space: no luck. This year, Moonshine’s water-hoarding top side.

Basil and beans did well in early spring. Sunchokes, cruciferous crops, and peas got off to a slow start.