Catch Us at the DeKalb County Farmer’s Market

Saturdays, beginning in May
7 am – noon

Holler Homestead will bring clever ideas (we hope) and yummy simple food (think: eggs, eggs, eggs)

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Canning Workshop

July 23

9 am – noon

Free to first-time Holler visitors. Regular price $25

So you’ve always wanted to can some of your own food. Bravo.

It’s fun. You end up knowing exactly what’s in each jar.

Three goals:

Food safety
Fine eating
Waste not

This three-hour workshop begins with a heap of what’s in season and ends with neat jars full of preserved food and a festive luncheon.

You may process pickles, peaches, tomatoes, low-acid vegetables, apples, pears, or apricots. Anything growing in abundance at the time of the workshop.

If you really want to practice on a particular crop, let us know. If you bring the produce, we’ll show you how to can it.

Special, July 23

All names will go in Nicole’s leather hat. Some lucky learner will take home a canning accessory kit.

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