At Holler Homestead, we’re living the good life. We love modern conveniences, modern ways of communicating and traveling, modern thoughts, and modern science. But we also value the Good Old Days and try to keep alive the independent “can-do” competencies by which our forebears lived.

Here we grow much of our own produce and trade or buy from nearby folks with other crops. We cook from scratch, can, make our own bread and pasta, freeze, dry, and keep a flock of poultry for eggs and meat. We make cheese, soap. We roast coffee. We sew, knit, and crochet. We build and fix it ourselves whenever possible.

Sound interesting? Come visit a modern model homestead.

The Holler Homestead Story


Activities and Events
Vacation rentals (TBD cabin. hb, wicker’s, then screen by known?. need photos/website link, price list)
Seminars/workshops (TBD. link post. later)
Publications (TBD. link post)
People (TBD. pix and sentence)

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